Have you ever wanted to walk through a pine forest after a rain shower and have cool water droplets from the trees drip onto your face? If you haven't,  it does sound like a pretty refreshing scenario... right? Now, imagine not just regular pine-needle-infused water droplets gently falling onto your face, but super pure sparkling mineral water pine-needle-infused water droplets misting your face. I will give you a minute.

Heavenly -- don't you think? 

Today, I am offering a very easy recipe that can bring this experience into your life anytime, anywhere.

Pine needles are loaded with antioxidants. They are also highly antiseptic & antibacterial. Pine needle oil relieves dry, itchy, & flaky skin symptoms.The very scent of pine needles act as an antidepressant -- great for the "Winter blues". Sparkling mineral water is, not surprisingly, full of healthy minerals. Applying these minerals to our skin brings nothing but goodness. Due to the carbonated effect of sparkling mineral water, the water acts as a very invigorating & refreshing agent to the skin. 

In particular, may I recommend using this mist:
  • During & after a workout
  • During the Winter on dry, itchy, or flaky skin
  • Alternatively, during the Summer on hot sun-beaten skin
  • Women, as a setting spray for your makeup
  • As a morning invigorating facial spray

  • 1 bottle of Perrier or San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water 
  • 1 handful of non-chemically-treated pine needles
  • 1 clean spritz bottle of either glass or plastic

Place a handful of pine needles in your spritz bottle. Fill with either Perrier or San Pellegrino . Allow pine needles to infuse your sparkling mineral water for a period of at least 24 hours in your refrigerator. When 24 hours have elapsed, use the Sparkling Mineral Water Pine-Needle-Infused Facial Spray at your leisure. Store the facial spray in your refrigerator. 

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Wayne White
12/28/2013 6:56pm

Niiiccceee. You've got me with this new recipe. I love the smell of pine trees. I'm going to make this and use it as a workout spray. Too tempting to not try.

Lidia Pinetea
12/30/2013 1:03pm

Wow Stephanie! I thought I could make this myself, now I know how. I'm trying it tonight.

01/06/2014 10:49pm


Glad you stopped by, Lidia! I'm sure you can make this at home. It is so easy! This spray is very refreshing. :)


01/06/2014 10:52pm


Hey there! Thanks for your enthusiasm. :) This is such an awesome workout spray! I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.



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